7 Easy Tips For Diy Steam Clean Carpet Process

Carpet deep cleaning is very necessary because the dirt, oil, and bacteria get trapped in your carpet fibers which makes them look unpleasant. When you use carpet steam cleaning products then it will not lift the color of the carpet. To get the better cleaning results follow the DIY Steam Clean Carpet Process which helps the stains to get out from the carpet.

Diy Steam Clean Carpet

Here are tips to clean your carpet:

  • Sprinkle baking soda

For stains and dirt baking soda acts as a natural carpet cleaning solution. Firstly sprinkle the baking soda on carpet fibers and pour some warm water. Leave the solution on the carpet overnight and later dab on it. For the stubborn stains add a few drops of vinegar to the carpet. But use the vinegar only on the light-colored carpets because it has a bleaching effect. 

  • Salt

If you have red wine stains on your carpet then salt is the best cure. Sprinkle salt on the red wine and wait for some time. Once you notice the reddish color turns vacuum the salt. Repeat the process for several time until you notice the stain has evaporated. Try to work inwards when you start from the edges of the blot. When the wine dried up properly then use a solution of vinegar and mineral water. To test whether it will affect the color of the carpet or not, use the mixture on a hidden part of the carpet first. 

  • Steam clean twice a year

Invest in a good quality steam cleaner as it provides frequent cleaning to your carpet. It helps to clean the germs and make your carpet look new and fresh. Steam cleaning is very important every six months but if you have heavy traffic on your carpet then we suggest once every 4 months. Steam cleaning also removes cockroaches, ants, and other insects from the carpet and it is an eco-friendly carpet cleaning method. This will save the cost of hiring a Carpet Cleaning Melton.

  • Use shaving creams on carpet

Shaving cream is one of the most budget-friendly and DIY Steam Clean Carpet Process. Make sure that shaving cream will not use any additives and is undyed. After applying the lotion to the stain wait for 20-25 minutes. With a damp cloth rinse the lotion. 

  • Use lemon juice on the carpet

If you find your carpet dirty then sprinkle the lemon juice on the carpet and wipe it with a clean cloth. To remove the dirty stains mix equal quality of water and washing detergent. Use the lemon juice on the pale color carpet as it contains whitening attributes. This solution is not the ideal choice for dark carpets. 


It is not always necessary to use water and soap to clean your carpet. Try to aerate your carpet once a month. If you want to make your carpet free from Professional Carpet Cleaning then use a smooth brush. Sunlight is also the best choice for your carpet which make your carpet feel fresh and prevents bacterias and germs.